Our Teach for Romania alumni community is made up of 176 people from all walks of life, with different professional backgrounds and skills, whose joint effort contributes to changing the educational system, regardless of whether they have chosen to continue working in schools, to become teacher trainers for public school teachers, to improve policymaking, to develop community-based social initiatives, or to use the power of media to get people involved in education

Barbu Laura

During the fellowship: French Teacher

Current role: Local coordinator, UiPath Foundation

Călin Iulia-Elena

During the fellowship: Secondary-school teacher teaching multiple subjects: Geography, Ecology, IT, Technology, Sports, English; School counsellor and career adviser.

Current role: Primary and secondary school teacher – Fun Science and Geography, Helikon Educational Hub, Bucharest; Communication specialist, Transcena Association, Bucharest

Spistyak (Buliga) Cristina Sînziana

During the fellowship: English Teacher ( Physics, Music) and primary school teacher

Current role: Freelancing

Dobrescu Ana

During the fellowship: Primary school teacher

Current role: International projects coordinator

Gălii Mihaela

During the fellowship: Primary school teacher, IT teacher

Current role: Local Coordinator, UiPath Foundation

Mătăsariu Bianca

During the fellowship: English teacher

Current role: Product Manager – Academia Concordia

Pirneci Ion

During the fellowship: History teacher

Current role: History teacher