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Teach for Romania not only changes the lives of the teachers and children we reach, but it can change your perspective as well, once you decide to join our mission as a volunteer.

Maybe you’re just starting out so you can be part of our projects, work with us and gain experience, skills and new friends, or maybe you’re already a specialist in your field and the skills you have can become an important part of what we are building together. In whatever context you find yourself, being a Teach for Romania volunteer becomes not only a learning experience, but also a great opportunity to be part of an incredible journey of bringing quality education to all children in vulnerable communities.

Luca Ciubotaru

Romania’s UN Youth Delegate, 2014/2015

The experience of volunteering with the Teach for Romania team was beyond my expectations, and the feeling of being able to contribute directly to such a noble cause, alongside a professional team, is unique. Join us and you will broaden your horizons!

Andreea Băceanu ​

Teach for Romania is the kind of organization that shows you that things are really changing for the better, all the while growing yourself, personally and professionally. I encourage everyone to be an active part of the transformational mission that Teach for Romania has taken on – to build a better future for today’s children, starting right “from the grass roots”, i.e. from the very places most of us run away from. If you think you can take up the same challenge, if you want to be a super volunteer and enrich your life with many beautiful experiences and amazing people, become a Teach for Romania volunteer!

Mădălina Matei ​

At Teach, there’s an interesting cycle of support, passing help and energy from one to another, from trainer to group, from group to trainer, from team to teachers and vice versa, in a continuous collective effervescence. I have worked alongside passionate teachers and an efficient, skillful team of people, driven by an important mission, enthusiasm and rigor.

Join us!