How do we support
our teachers during the
2-year fellowship?

There are many challenges, deep complexity and greatness in the mission that teachers commit to so in order to succeed they need our constant, devoted support.

The training offered during the 2-year fellowship

involves training sessions, individual and group mentoring, study/research groups, moral support and performance coaching.

The fellows are closely trained to work with children who were never encouraged to come to school, addressing significant learning gaps in literacy or social-emotional development and focusing on learning by doing, combining academic and practical skills. Grouping courses into compulsory and optional encourages teacher autonomy and empowers them to be in control of their own learning process.

What are the topics addressed?

Strategies that develop literacy and critical thinking

Remedial strategies for children with major learning gaps

Strategies for developing social-emotional skills

 Assessment strategies

Strategies for developing partnerships with parents, the school, the community, for the benefit of the child

Integration of children with special needs

Promoting and protecting children’s rights

Solution-oriented approach (design thinking)

Management of extracurricular projects / student leadership

Digital pedagogy

The added value is brought by a balanced combination of experts in education and personal and professional development, who provide the academic component, alumni of the program who share good practices, as well as tutor coordinators who support, monitor and evaluate performance throughout the two-year period.

Wider scale impact.

Training programs dedicated to teachers in the system.

Together with our partners – sponsors and partnering NGOs – we invest time and resources in bringing what we do best – supporting teachers with the right training and tools to succeed – outside our Teach community and onto the larger community of teachers in the Romanian public-school system.

In 2020, our fellows and teaching experts reached about 10% of public-school teachers in Romania, offering resources, consultancy, and courses, in response to the paramount need for training, benefitting from the switch to virtual learning. 

Mentoring program for novice teachers

The first adaptive mentoring program for novice teachers working in underprivileged schools – practical, one-to-one teaching support and help with resources, advice and structure.

Teaching as leadership

In partnership with the UiPath Foundation, we developed a program which trains teachers from Galați, Vaslui, Botoşani and Bucharest to adopt the strategic approach to learning, by respecting the natural learning needs of children and the way the brain learns, by adjusting their activity to the online/offline learning environment, by creating a culture of achievement in the classroom, a culture embodied by strong, inclusive relationships, turning mistakes into learning opportunities and celebrating progress.

The teachers train alongside Teach for Romania alumni, who are their trainers and mentors, developing not only their teaching skills, but also their self- reflection practice, the ability to self-regulate, and resilience.

School management in vulnerable communities

Together with the UiPath Foundation, we are developing a training program dedicated to teachers currently in or willing to have a leading role in their school, at the end of which the participants will acquire not only knowledge, tools and models of good practice, but also an outlined strategy for sustainable change and at least 2 key processes streamlined in the school.

In partnership with the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, we are developing a post-graduate professional training program in the field of leadership, built on specific needs, which will offer participants the opportunity to learn and work collaboratively in order to co-create and pilot innovative solutions involving all relevant stakeholders impacting the educational eco-system of children and young people.


Learn more about the postgraduate program

Digital pedagogy

Practical digital pedagogy and collaborative learning course, dedicated to primary and secondary school teachers who want to develop their skills in working with students in a virtual learning setting. 

Academia Teach

Cursuri practice și 100% aplicabile pentru profesori dedicați care vor să genereze învățare relevantă pentru clasele lor. Conținut actual, de calitate și imediat aplicabil la clasă sau în cancelarie, creat de Teach for Romania.