We recruit and train
future leaders in education


The challenges in education are so complex, therefore we need to build an entire ecosystem around the children in order to see progress and results where they’re needed most. 

In Romania …

More than



are victims of bullying in schools, that is, they experience social exclusion, humiliation, threats, physical and/or verbal violence.


out of 5 students

in rural areas drop

out of school.

Half of Romania’s children

are at risk of poverty and social exclusion, with little opportunity to building a better future.

As there is no one clear solution
to such a complex problem

we urgently need brave, competent and compassionate leaders on every level of our educational system. We pride ourselves on renovated schools and trained teachers in the classrooms, yet we have a faulty infrastructure, poor-quality medical services and little to no social assistance. Passing the blame from secondary school teachers to early school teachers, from teacher to parent, from parent to student, from family to city council has no benefit in helping vulnerable children. Support is needed from all sides and at the same time.

We need innovation and commitment to lasting change. We need people who carefully seek solutions both in and outside the classrooms. We need leadership. Both in education and related fields.

What do we do
at Teach for Romania?

We offer a leadership program to people with a strong vision for the future who want to get involved in the Romanian educational system. People who, in the long run, will use their position to help transform education by putting the student first and who will support children to reach their potential, prioritizing the most vulnerable.

For 2 years

we offer our fellows first-hand context to better understand what lies behind the alarming numbers, using their role as early years, primary or secondary-school teachers to further on support them in their mission from various strategic roles. It takes a village to raise a child and an entire nation to solve systemic problems, as harmful as those in education.

How does the

fellowship work?

The fellowship is just the start. Having gained a better understanding of the realities of Romanian education, our fellows use their experience to further help transform the educational system, from various strategic roles:

As teachers, principals, teaching instructors or school inspectors, within school

Through initiatives and projects that support community and social development

Using the power of media to slowly enhance the image and importance of the teacher role and to promote the importance of investing in education

By training other teachers in the public school system

By influencing public policies within institutions, organizations impacting systemic change and political parties.