We support diversity
and fight segregation

The problem

We talk more and more about equity in education and about helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds to value their potential and become functional citizens of Romanian society. However, we cannot talk about such topics while teachers do not have the skills and the framework to carry out intercultural learning activities, while the curriculum does not include aspects of the culture and history of the Roma minority or contexts of interaction with the communities we serve, and while the important relationship between parents – school – students and the entire community is precarious.

The solution

Together with Roma Education Fund, we created a plan based on 3 main objectives to reach in the following 3 years:

 creating and disseminating a curriculum that facilitates activities addressing topics such as education and intercultural diversity.

growing basic skills for active citizenship, a non-discriminatory treatment and interculturality for over 700 participants in the project (professionals in the education field, NGO specialists, parents, students, teachers and principals) from 7 counties.

submitting two public policy proposals to the Ministry of Education and Research in order to ensure equity in education and the quality of education for all children, regardless of ethnic origin or their mother tongue.