Redirect 20% of your
company's income tax!

1 in 5 rural children
drop out of school by 14.
1 in 2 children in Romania
suffer from functional illiteracy. That is, they can read a text but not understand it.
We have more than 1000
public schools in Romania, where not a single student passes the 8th grade national assessment.


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Cosmina Schiau

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Community development

starts with an inspiring teacher!

Together with our partners – funders and NGO partners – we invest time and resources in taking what we do best – supporting teachers with the right training, resources and people to do their jobs better – beyond the Teach for Romania group to the wider mass of public-school teachers in Romania.

Contribute to our mission by redirecting up to 20% of your income tax to Teach for Romania.

No extra cost! *

The Fiscal Code and the Law no. 32/1994 on sponsorship allow commercial companies paying income tax to redirect up to 20% of the annual amount due to the state budget to non-governmental organisations.

The amount offered by sponsorship which is deducted from the corporate income tax due to the State may not exceed 20% of the corporate income tax or 0.75% of the turnover.

*The procedure does not entail any additional costs for the company

How can you support?

Here are the steps.

.Download and fill in your company details and the amount you wish to sponsor Teach for Romania with

Send the contract in word format to our colleague

We print it in two copies and send in the original signed and stamped version to the address mentioned in the contract.

In order to be included in the calculation of income tax for the year in question, the sponsorship contract must be concluded before the end of the calendar year and the transaction must be carried out by 31 December 2022.

How much is your
valoarea sponsorizării tale?

Teach for Romania reached its 9th year working to transform the educational system in Romania by supporting 117 teachers and 176 alumni, who together reach approximately 20,000 children in over 100 public schools in vulnerable communities in 22 counties.

10 000 euro / year.

That’s how much it costs us to bring a teacher into the Teach for Romania community. These costs include recruitment, selection and integration of teachers into the organisation and the public school system, as well as training and support during the 2 years of the program.

Your sponsorship will help us train more valuable people as teachers who can provide quality education to the children who need it most.

Two years ago, Răducu was also on the verge of dropping out of school.

His physics teacher Mihaela Bucșa went around the village to persuade parents to allow their children to go to high school. That’s how she won over Răducu, now in 10th grade. The boy took over her model when the pandemic came and the teacher couldn’t get hold of the children. He soon became the education ambassador of his village.

How does sponsorship impact your company?

Directing a share of your corporate income tax/income tax through sponsorship does not affect your company’s net profit. In addition, the sponsorship law also provides for another tax facility, the tax credit.

According to the Tax Code, when sponsorship-related expenses exceed the allowable limits for the tax credit (20% of income tax or 0.75% of turnover) in the reference year, the eligible amounts are carried forward for the next 7 consecutive years. Basically, you have 7 years to use the tax credit offered by the donation you make to Teach for Romania.


Turnover (total income)

2.000.000 lei

Taxable profit

200.000 lei

Tax on this profit

32.000 lei

You can redirect the lowest amount of


of turnover

15.000 lei


of the tax

6.400 lei