We contribute to
reducing absenteeism
the risk of school dropout


Because in the rural communities that we serve, 1 in 5 children drop out of school by the end of 8th grade. We work in schools that start with 8 full groups of 1st graders and end up with one single group of 8th graders, a classroom with many empty desks. 

What do our Teach for Romania fellows do?

They build a welcoming, pleasant environment at school, they show children why school is relevant for their further development, develop good relationships with parents, spend hundreds of hours in the community with the school mediator to bring students to class and motivate parents to get involved and advocate for their children’s education. 

Two years ago, Răducu was also on the verge of dropping out of school.

His physics teacher Mihaela Bucșa went around the village to persuade parents to allow their children to go to high school. That’s how she won over Răducu, now in 10th grade. The boy took over her model when the pandemic came and the teacher couldn’t get hold of the children. He soon became the education ambassador of his village.