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1 out of 5
rural children
drop out of school by the age of 14
1 out of 2
children in Romania
suffers from functional illiteracy.
That is, they can read a text, but they do not understand it
We have over 1000 public schools
in Romania where no student passes the eighth-grade national assessment.

Many Romanian children lose the lottery of school and life.

We are motivated to offer better opportunities to a better future for all children, through relevant education and teachers who support their dreams.

We strongly believe that teachers are the main factor in the quality of education that our children receive. 

Donate and help us train and support teacher leaders who can serve communities that so desperately need them. 

Shaping a child's
future in Romania

Mihaela Bucșă: How do you talk about a better future in a community where no one remembers the last student who went to high school?

I have been teaching physics for almost two years in Crizbav, that place where there is no more hope. I’m also teaching in Sânpetru where hope is easier to find.

When you’ve had enough, remember your ‘why’

There is a silent, overwhelming tension between teachers and parents. There’s no violence, quarrels or insults, yet it raises frustration, it disconnects and it discourages everyone involved, especially teachers. We rarely see it as an opportunity to understand better and to produce long-term change. 

“Over here no one takes their children to kindergarten. Why should I?”

We often run into difficult situations with unschooled parents who find it hard to advocate for their children’s education. From the outside, it’s easy to label it as a lack of interest, laziness, and ignorance, however, it is just a vicious cycle of a faulty public school system deeply rooted in our culture.