Mentoring program
for novice teachers

The first years of teaching are without a doubt the most difficult, especially when choosing to serve in a vulnerable community with complex needs and challenges. We are aware that there are many valuable teachers in our system, people with a lot of experience who can and want to help those who are just starting out in this profession. Hence the first adaptive mentoring program for beginning teachers – practical, 1-1 guidance offering resources, advice and structure.

This is the right program for:

What benefits does the program offer to novice teachers working in underprivileged schools?

Benefits for novice teachers, from the intervention group:
Benefits for beginning teachers from the control group:

What activities will the novice teachers be involved in within the project?

Novice teachers, from the intervention group:
Novice teachers, from the control group:
Eligibility criteria

This program is designed for those teachers who:

Application and selection process for novice teachers

The program has a limited number of 240 participants, distributed as follows: 140 teachers in the intervention group and 100 teachers in the control group. Participation in the program is free of charge by completing an online form until July 29, 2022. All candidates will receive a response, regardless of the outcome, by August 16 2022 the latest.

This pilot mentoring program for novice teachers is part of the NEST project – The Novice Educator Support and Training, an international project financed by the Erasmus+ program, under Key Action 3 “Support for public policy reform”. This project is carried out in consortium, through the collaboration of 16 partner organizations from 6 Member States of the European Union. In Romania, the NEST project is run in partnership by Teach for Romania and the Ministry of Education, with financial support of the European Union.