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Thank you for choosing to support the Teach for Romania cause. Although we put education first, we encourage you to read about all the other projects and to lend a helping hand where you feel that your support will have the greatest impact.

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The best time to start your birthday campaign is 2-3 weeks before.


19 000 000

birthdays are celebrated every day in the world


people have already donated their birthday in 2021

1027 lei

is the average amount a person raises when donating on their birthday.

Ana Maria Bălan

It’s all set! This year I am donating my birthday to the Teach for Romania cause!

So, if you plan on giving me a present, I would love it if you could donate the money instead to this organization! I think this is the right thing to do and the most beautiful birthday present I could get! Part of my joy, to which you can also contribute, will go to supporting children who do not have easy access to education and who need us all to get involved.


Nicolae Doca

Nicu works in IT and likes personalized gifts, offered by people who go out of their way to surprise others. With his birthday coming up, he decided to ditch the usual personalized mugs or t-shirts and do a good deed instead. Therefore, he urged his relatives, friends and colleagues to donate to Teach for Romania and children’s education. And he managed to collect 2,750 lei.

As he himself says: I don’t think there is a better place to invest in when it comes to education. Just look around! We must invest in the present so that we get the future we want for ourselves and the children of our world.

Adelina Dabu

We’ve all been through a chaotic year which left us disconnected and uncertain about the future. What I learned the most during these times is how important it is to show solidarity, to help build strong communities who can share values and progress so that together we can protect our democracy and our common wellbeing.

These realities strengthened my belief that education is fundamental for everyone, but especially for children in vulnerable communities. Teach for Romania continues to do great work to improve our educational system and this year I would like to show my gratitude to them by donating my birthday. Therefore, you can offer the best gift by supporting quality education for every Romanian child in vulnerable communities.


Tudor Juravlea

This year I’m turning 35 and I don’t want any presents.

I have everything I want, mostly because I met a lot of amazing people at the right time in my life, who inspired me and who passed on many lessons. Instead of gifts, I would really appreciate it if you could donate as much as your heart allows for this good cause.

Camelia Tiu

Each summer has a story, and this year’s is about education.

My Teach for Romania story began when I volunteered in their Leadership Summer Academy and I want to end this chapter in the best way possible, by donating my birthday so that every child in Romania has more opportunities to build a better future through quality education.

I love receiving gifts, and this year I want to redirect them to the organization that is moving another wheel towards the change we all want.

We are better together!

Ionuț Bădescu

I am a cardiologist in Liverpool, UK. I left Romania in 2010, but I always stayed close to my roots. It’s important for me to contribute back to the country that raised me and I do so every time I have the opportunity. I coordinated several projects for children living in poor communities in Dâmboviţa County. Thus, I came to the conclusion that the best way to contribute to increasing the chances of these children being more successful in life is to facilitate their access to education. All these charitable actions have enjoyed real success, but Teach for Romania gives me the opportunity to continue supporting access to quality education for children in Romania, on a larger scale and in the longer term. So, I decided to donate my birthday to this organization.

Andreea Irinca

I have recently met this great organization, Teach for Romania, which has the purpose of making good education available for un-favored communities in Romania. I have come across stories of kids who travel by walking 10 km per day to the nearest school in rural Romania. Or kids who are encouraged by their parents to skip school and help with day-to-day work at home. I am happy to participate in a fund-raising effort by donating my birthday to Teach for Romania.

 So here is my birthday wish: if you thought about offering me a present, donate the money instead, by clicking the ‘I want to donate’ button below.

 Thank you and great years to come for all of us!